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Passionate Professionals

“Do what you love and love what you do.”

North Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts President Amy Rasmussen shared one of her favorite quotes about teachers.

steinbeckquoteSara Marker, Early Childhood Liaison in “OCTELA Executive Board Spotlight,” of Ohio Voices, November 2016, noted

“Initially, I became a member of OCTELA due to my connections with the current Executive Director, Karla Hayslett. She invited me to a conference several years ago when I was a preservice teacher. At that point, I was hoping that my involvement and passion for professional development would set me apart from other applications during the interviewing process after graduate school. However, what I also gained was access to a huge network of incredible, passionate teachers who are willing to support and push me to become a better teacher, advocate, and leader!”



The Montana Association of Teachers of English Language Arts offers its collective expertise:

The Montana Association of Teachers of English Language Arts (MATELA) has conducted extensive research regarding the theory and practice of effective writing programs, and members of our organization have also participated in the creation and review of the Montana Core Standards.

Because of our collective expertise, MATELA would like to assist your district in drafting a policy that will serve two purposes:
• the unique needs of your district and your students,
• the requirements of the Accreditation Standard below and the Montana Core Standards that place increased attention on writing instruction, on writing as a complex process, on writing as a critical component of literacy, and on writing as a tool for learning.”

And MATELA offers combined memberships for ELA, Math, Sciencemontanacombinedmembership