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NCTE Texts and the 2020 African American Read-In

During February, the month of the African American Read-In, we continue our theme of spotlighting connections with thoughtful NCTE texts.

The editors of Black Perspectives in Writing Program Admininstration: From the Margins to the Center have made a space for WPAs of color to cultivate antiracist responses within an Afrocentric framework and to enact socially responsible approaches to program building.


Code-Meshing as World English: Pedagogy, Policy, Performance presents code meshing—blending dialects and languages with standard English—as the better pedagogical alternative to code switching—shifting between dialects or languages in different settings—in teaching literacy to diverse learners.


Freedom Writing: African American Civil Rights Literacy Activism, 1955-1967 introduces gospel literacy, a theoretical framework analogous to gospel music within which to consider how the literacy activities of the Civil Rights Movement illuminate a continual interchange between secular and religious ideologies.


Langston Hughes in the Classroom: “Do Nothin’ till You Hear from Me” provides high school teachers with background on Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance as well as help in teaching Hughes’s poetry, short stories, novels, and autobiography.


Restorative Justice in the English Language Arts Classroom shows how English teachers can think and plan using a restorative justice lens to address issues of student disconnection and alienation; adult and youth well-being in schools; and inequity and racial justice through writing, reading, speaking, and action.


A Teacher’s Introduction to African American English: What a Writing Teacher Should Know  provides a concise summary of the major schools of thought about African American English and how it may influence the teaching and learning of writing.


Tensions and Triumphs in the Early Years of Teaching: Real-World Findings and Advice for Supporting New Teachers shares the results of a seven-year research study to identify the challenges new teachers face and how all concerned can help keep new teachers in the profession. Learn more about this book from a review over at A Year of Reading.

Writing Instruction in the Culturally Relevant Classroom
offers specific ideas for how to teach writing well and in a culturally relevant way. Read as the authors share “From Mis-education to Re-education: Our Journey.”


Thanks for checking out these NCTE texts!

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