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From a Recent Issue:

Students Taking Action

March 1, 2018

. . . A journey through NCTE’s journals shows that members have been listening and lifting up student voice in lots of ways. If you’re looking for more, check out these resources:
“Through this case study . . . I started understanding the potential for students to truly experience ownership over their education. Moreover, I learned to support through silence.”
Leveraging Digital Literacies for Equity and Social Justice by Detra Price-Dennis and Selena Carrion
“We recognize that when students have choice, layered with space for social justice inquiry and collaboration through digital tools, the curriculum becomes more inviting and grounded in their lived experiences.”
“Educators can use education as a site of transformation by being deliberate and intentional in their instruction to empower students to be conduits of social change. We can do this by connecting youth to the rich cultural histories they are a part of.”


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