2013 NCTE Government Policy Platform

Students, teachers, administrators, community members, and policymakers are collectively responsible for ensuring that the literacy learning required to earn a living and lead a well-rounded life is available to all. To meet that responsibility, NCTE urges legislators to practice civil discourse by working through complex issues and arguing in the spirit of compromise—to commit more to negotiation than to control. Through productive bipartisan engagement by policymakers, schools can become richer learning environments, teachers accomplished professionals, and students engaged learners. Thus, we can make significant progress in raising our nation’s capacity for innovation, economic success, and global leadership.

We can sustain improvement in our education system by fostering evidence-based teacher decision making, school innovation, and integration of learning opportunities across every student’s daily life. Educators working in teams understand better how to teach the literacy practices needed for academic success in all content areas. To ensure that all students are college- and career-ready, we call upon policymakers at all levels to

Take into account the practices and conditions that foster success in literacy teaching and learning, support effective collaboration, and encourage innovation at the grassroots by

Invest in research, including case studies, surveys, interviews, and meta-analyses, to document the influence of recent initiatives and policy developments on literacy learning. Some areas of focus for research include

Support the development of high-quality preparation of English language arts teachers by

Invest in systematic and systemic team-based professional learning that builds teacher agency and preserves and enhances respect for the profession by

Support a comprehensive, cross-curricular basis for design and funding of legislation, such as the LEARN Act, and of programs, such as the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program, that

Preserve and enhance quality in a higher education system that sustains and increases student literacy and advances preparation for participation in society as productive citizens by

Support fair and responsible assessment policies that advance, not merely measure, learning by

*Taken from the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing [1] (2011).

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