Resolution on Items Testing Competence in Black Literature on Qualifying and Certifying Examinations

1970 NCTE Annual Business Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia


There has been a long and continuing neglect of African and Afro-American literature in the secondary schools. The recent inclusion of workshops in African and Afro-American literature by the National Council of Teachers of English is indicative of a new recognition and belief in presenting Black literature to secondary school students as a meaningful and important aspect of the study of literature. We can, therefore, no longer ignore the need for assessing the competence of teachers of literature in this area. Be it therefore


Resolved, that as long as tests are administered, items designed to test and examine competence in Black literature be included in all forthcoming editions and revisions of the literature sections of all teacher certification and recertification examinations, all English achievement tests, and the Graduate Record of Examination; and

that these test items be included neither as options nor as supplementary items but as integral parts of these examinations.


This position statement may be printed, copied, and disseminated without permission from NCTE.