Resolution on the Development of Instructional Materials That Integrate the Language Arts

1982 NCTE Annual Business Meeting in Washington, DC


In this resolution, NCTE members called attention to the discrepancy between (1) findings from recent education research showing that students learn the language arts best when reading, writing, and literature are integrated and (2) a trend in the schools toward teaching these components of English as separate subjects with emphasis on subskills. Be it therefore


Resolved, that the National Council of Teachers of English identify models of integrated language arts curricula at the primary, elementary, junior high, and senior high school levels;

that NCTE explore the development of instructional materials, including computer software and professional texts, that reflect these models; and

that recommendations for using such integrated language arts instructional materials be disseminated among members of the Council, to teacher training institutions, to chief state school officers, to district superintendents, and to publishers of instructional materials.


This position statement may be printed, copied, and disseminated without permission from NCTE.