National Council of Teachers of English

Statement on Effective Institutional Responses to Threats of Violence and Violent Acts Against Minoritized and Marginalized Faculty and Graduate Students

Conference on College Composition and Communication, November 2019

The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) is an organization committed to inclusive, equitable, and sustaining learning environments; our classrooms, departments, and campuses should strive to be spaces that nurture our professional growth and that make it possible for students and teachers to do their best work. The CCCC continuously strives to fulfill the goals and values of our mission statement to support “the agency, power, and potential of diverse communicators inside and outside of postsecondary classrooms.”

In cases where minoritized and marginalized teacher-scholars are threatened, harassed, or adversely targeted based on their linguistic, religious, gender, and/ or racial characteristics, inhibiting the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities, CCCC affirms that academic institutions have a responsibility to protect and support minoritized and marginalized faculty.

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