Call for a Caring Community - National Council of Teachers of English


Dear 2023 NCTE Annual Convention attendees,

We will soon gather in Columbus for the 113th NCTE Annual Convention. We come together as a caring community, and we ask that you plan to spend your time onsite with a spirit of generosity toward people, ideas, and experiences.

Since our Convention last year, our world has grown increasingly divisive and, in some cases, violent. For example, attempts to censor BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ literature and authors in our country have become more widespread.  Most recently, as a result of the Israel-Hamas war, we are saddened to see a significant rise in incidents of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hate.

The goal for our Convention is for it to be one of inspiration, new ideas, and opportunities to extend care and concern for each other. This includes engaging with mutual respect on issues where individuals may disagree. The opportunity to be together as a community of literacy educators offers the time to commit ourselves to personal growth, student success and well-being, and creating a better future. 

In the spirit of bridging across differences and recognizing the humanity in each individual and our collective, we share NCTE’s policy on Mutual Respect and Anti-Harassment. Thank you in advance for ensuring this Convention is a place where everyone may learn, network, and socialize in an environment of mutual respect. Should you have any questions, please email.


María E. Fránquiz, President; Shelley Rodrigo, President-Elect; Tonya B. Perry, Vice President; Valerie Kinloch, Past President; Antero Garcia, Incoming Vice President; Emily Kirkpatrick, Executive Director