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November 17-20 in Anaheim

The 2022 NCTE Annual Convention will mark the first Annual Convention where we come out of the darkness, together in person to collectively pursue the light as we emerge from the global pandemic. The theme of pursuing the light came from part of a serigraph series from Sister Mary Corita Kent that shared messages of hope, peace, and social justice amid poverty, racism, and war. As literacy and language arts teachers, teacher educators, and researchers, we can share the ways our individual and collective pursuit of light assisted and continues to assist us in imagining a new story with bright stops and new sueños (dreams) for ourselves, our students, and our communities.

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Chicago, IL • February 15–18, 2023

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Louisville, KY • July 29–31, 2022

CEL Annual Convention

Anaheim, CA • November 20–22, 2022

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