TYCA National Conference - NCTE

At 2021’s TYCA National Conference, attendees considered how they have adjusted their teaching at the two-year college amid a time of exceptional change and tumult. Presenters discussed new faculty experiences, ideas for engaging diverse student voices through culturally responsive pedagogies, and innovative ways to foster equity in our writing classrooms.

TYCA National 2022 seeks to continue this conversation in its theme of “Recovery and Reinvention in Our Profession: Emerging from a Recent Time of Crisis.” We ask participants to consider what it means to recover from a particularly challenging time in our collective consciousness—and how that has and will translate to the way we think about teaching. What have we salvaged from our experiences during these times that can be pedagogically useful? What untold narratives and histories pertaining to writing in two-year colleges and our students’ lives can be uncovered and mobilized to create more inclusive learning spaces that reflect our diverse student bodies? How can we as educators help ourselves and our students heal from our individual and collective traumas?

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Registration for the 2022 TYCA Conference is now open with the following rates:

TYCA-only registration: $150
TYCA and 2022 CCCC Annual Convention registration: $250

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