Links Policy - National Council of Teachers of English

Links Policy

Linking to the NCTE Website

Please feel free to link your website to the NCTE website. You do not need to write NCTE for permission to do so.

What We Link to from the NCTE Website

NCTE publishes electronic links to certain websites ONLY if they fit the needs of our membership. NCTE’s website link policy guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. External links are a good source of noncommercial information relevant to NCTE members.
  2. External links must be relevant to NCTE’s mission as a professional association of educators in English studies, literacy, and language arts.
  3. If a website or the website’s sponsor is engaged in unlawful activities or in activities that are incongruous with our mission and status as a nonprofit organization, NCTE will NOT permit links to such a website.


NCTE reserves the right to reject or remove links to any website if we find the site content inappropriate.  Links to websites outside the NCTE website are provided for convenience and information only, and we assume no responsibility for their content. Please read the Terms of Use statement for further details and liability disclaimer.