Critical Media Literacy - NCTE

NCTE’s Task Force on Critical Media Literacy was convened in June 2020 and charged with assessing the current national landscape of policies, practices, resources, and dialogue related to critical media literacy education.

Task Force Report

Read the report from the Task Force on Critical Media Literacy here.

Policy Brief

In April 2021, the NCTE Squire Office of Policy Research published Critical Media Literacy and Popular Culture in ELA Classrooms, a policy brief by Jamila Lyiscott (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Nicole Mirra (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey), and Antero Garcia (Stanford University). Download the brief here.

Trust Me Documentary

WORLD Channel and Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) nationwide are airing a special one-hour, made-for-television version of “Trust Me,” the documentary created by acclaimed director Roko Belic and Joe Phelps of The Getting Better Foundation. “Trust Me,” a feature documentary that explores manipulation and misinformation at the intersection of human nature and information technology and explains how that drives a need for media literacy.

WORLD Channel’s schedule for the premiere of “Trust Me”:

1/7/2022 07:00pm ET
1/8/2022 12:00am ET (midnight)
1/8/2022 08:00am ET
1/13/2022 05:00am ET
1/13/2022 11:00am ET


It is also appearing on PBS broadcast stations nationwide (check local listings).

To go beyond the surface, NCTE hosted a panel of educators, advocates, and students. Central to the conversation was the work of NCTE members to address critical media literacy, as well as the call to action by students to see these education opportunities in their classrooms.

Learn about the moderator and panelists here, and NCTE members can find the recording in the NCTE Video Library.