TYCA 2019 Elections - National Council of Teachers of English

TYCA 2019 Election Results


The Two-Year College English Association (TYCA) identifies and articulates the best theories and practices, and pedagogy in teaching English in the two-year college through regional and national conventions and a journal, Teaching English in the Two-Year College (TETYC).

Once every two years, the Two-Year College English Association (TYCA) elects an associate chair to serve one year as associate chair, two years as chair, and one year as immediate past chair. The TYCA candidates are nominated by a committee composed of the seven regional representatives to the TYCA Executive Committee and the immediate past chair.

TYCA Associate Chair


Writing center director and English faculty, Madison College, WI; TYCA-Midwest Chair; National TYCA Conference Planning Committee; WPA‑Journal Editorial Board.
Formerly: National TYCA Secretary, CCCC Executive Committee, TYCA Task Force on Preparing TYC Faculty.
Publication(s): “A Tale of Two Statements” and others in TETYC; Real World Communication; articles in TYCA-SE and Midwest Messenger.
Program Contribution(s): CCCC, IWCA, NCPTW, TYCA‑Midwest, TYCA-West, TYCA-Southeast, TYCA-Pacific Northwest, TYCA-Northeast, TYCA-Southwest.

Position Statement:  Two‑year college English faculty are good at speaking up. At our home institutions we speak up for research‑based practices, fair working conditions, and social justice. As a national and regional leader of TYCA, I have spoken up for the work we do at TYCs, for the scholarship we contribute, and for our brilliant, tenacious, and surprising students. Our profession needs TYC teachers to be heard, and TYCA must continue to be a unifying national voice and advocate for teacher‑scholars at two‑year institutions.