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NCTE’s Middle Level Section


Flash Fiction Frenzy

April 29th–May 9th

Spring can be a busy season for everyone . . . but we can still come together through the power of writing!

We invite middle level students and teachers to join the NCTE Middle Level Section Steering Committee for a Flash Fiction Frenzy! What is flash fiction? Flash fiction is a genre of fiction, defined as a very short story. For writers, flash fiction asks us to channel our creators by sparking creativity but also our inner critics because it needs to be short, concise, and to the point.

The Guidelines

For our 2022 Flash Fiction Frenzy, writers will be given a genre, an action, and a word to construct a story of EXACTLY 150 words.

For Student Flash Fiction Stories
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Action: Dance
Word: Melancholy

For Teacher Flash Fiction Stories
Genre: Mystery
Action: Sneeze
Word: Tenacious

Once you’ve created your flash fiction, access the Padlet located below, post your story, and hit “submit.”

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This event is open to all middle level students and teachers. If you are not currently an NCTE member, please consider joining to take advantage of other member-only invitations and events!

Feel free to share this event with your colleagues! Find a shareable PDF here.