NCTE Mock Book Awards 2019 Selections - National Council of Teachers of English

The Students Have Spoken!


Each year at the Annual Convention, the National Council of Teachers of English announces two book awards. The Charlotte Huck Award recognizes outstanding fiction for children ages 3 –12, while the Orbis Pictus Award recognizes outstanding nonfiction for children grades K–8. Committee members deliberate the day before the Convention begins and announce the winners at the Books for Children Luncheon on Saturday.

This year we invited teachers to join the process of recognizing outstanding titles for children by conducting a mock award process at their schools, either in their classrooms or across a grade level or schoolwide.

Decisions have been rolling in since the start of November and we’re excited to share the results! We will continue to update the page below as we learn about the selections from each participating school. If you  participated please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and send us your results!