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Strategic Writing: The Writing Process and Beyond in the Secondary English Classroom, 2nd Edition by Deborah Dean

For this revised edition, Dean worked with high school teachers to refine, reorganize, and update the material to better support classroom teachers dedicated to teaching not just the process of writing but also the strategies that help students learn to write effectively throughout their lives.

Read the first chapter from this book. 

Check out her post for the NCTE blog, “Becoming Strategic Writers—and Teachers of Strategic Writing.”



Becoming Writers in the Elementary Classroom: Visions and Decisions by Katie Van Sluys

In this book from the Principles in Practice Imprint, Van Sluys demonstrates how to (re)claim our professional practice to ensure that young people have the opportunity to become competent, constantly growing writers who use writing to think, communicate, and pose as well as solve problems.

Read the sample chapter, “Writers for Today and Tomorrow’s World.”

Listen to author Katie Van Sluys talk about her book with imprint editor Cathy Fleischer.


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Becoming Strategic Teachers, Teaching Strategic Writers

In this interactive session, teacher and author Debbie Dean will help participants enhance their writing instruction by considering process as a strategy and genre as an approach to teaching writing.

Write This Way: How Modeling Transforms the Writing Classroom

Modeling is one of the most effective of all teaching strategies, and yet many teachers overlook this powerful tool in writing instruction.

Revision: How to Teach it, Learn it, Love it!

In this Web Seminar, Barry Lane focuses on tools to aid revision including growing leads from questions, digging for details using binoculars, and more.