Excellence in Poetry for Children (living American poet) Committee Application - National Council of Teachers of English

Application Process

Application Deadline: December 1

To be considered for membership on the Poetry Award Committee, submit the application form, current vitae or resume, and one example of a book annotation, book review, or evaluative comments about a recent fiction book. This example should be written by the applicant.

Application Form
  • Chair of the Committee (serves 2 year appointment).
  • Seven members representing various regions of the United States and professions (academic, classroom teacher, librarian, etc).
  • Members serve a 3 year appointment with 2-3 new members selected each year.

Current Committee

  • Current NCTE member.
  • Participate in all activities of the committee during the year including online discussions.
  • Attend the NCTE Annual Convention during the three years of membership on the committee.
  • Present at the NCTE Annual Convention during the Poetry session(s).
  • Attend the Children’s Book Awards Luncheon during the NCTE Annual Convention when the Poetry Award winner is recognized and announced.
  • Read all poetry books received in consideration for the notable book and notable verse novel lists.
  • Write notable book and notable verse novel annotations for Language Arts and submit by deadline established by Chair.

Committee members may be removed at any time during the three-year appointment if s/he does not fulfill the expectations and responsibilities stated above.