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The right to read is one of the foundations of a democratic society, and teachers need the freedom to support that right so their students can make informed decisions and be valuable contributors to our world. A story can encourage diversity of thought, broaden global perspectives, celebrate unique cultures, and motivate the reader to achieve their dreams. This right matters. This Story Matters.

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Book rationales are some of the strongest tools for educators to show why This Story Matters in their schools and classrooms. Rationales are created by educators who use their expertise in literacy and teaching, grounded in the standards students need to meet to achieve their educational goals. Each rationale includes summaries, grade-level suggestions, teaching tools, alternative book titles, and more. NCTE has created and collected peer-reviewed book rationales for decades, and a database of hundreds of titles can now be accessed online. View the full list of available titles here.

NCTE members, partners, and all supporters of students’ right to read are invited to work with us to continue to show why This Story Matters.

NCTE recognizes Penguin Random House Education for providing supplementary funding to this project.