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Civics Guide—Reading, Writing, & Raising Voices: The Centrality of Literacy to Civic Education

NCTE, with support from the Educating for American Democracy project, has released our new guide, Reading, Writing, & Raising Voices: The Centrality of Literacy to Civic Education. This guide is meant to help educators and school leaders create continuous harmony between literacy instruction and civic life.


NCTE Intellectual Freedom Center

Resources to help you navigate book challenges in your school community.


Position Statement on the Role of Nonfiction Literature (K–12)

Leverage this position statement to support students’ development as critically, visually, and informationally literate 21st century thinkers and creators.


NCTE and NCTM Present: Civic Writing in ELA and Math Classrooms

View the archive of this learning session from NCTE and NCTM, a conversation about cross-disciplinary practices in youth civic writing.  The speakers discuss supporting, informing, and developing student reasoning.


Pave the Way: The Centrality of Literacy to Civic Education

During Media Literacy Week, NCTE hosted a timely conversation on reading, writing, and raising voices.  NCTE member-leader and civics guide author Nicole Mirra discussed a new guide, media literacy, and civics in ELA education.


Quantitative Civic Reasoning: A Guide for Centering Civic Innovation in  Math and English Language Arts Classrooms

This guide explores quantitative civic reasoning in English and math classrooms.


A Conversation with Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor

To Educators: “The work that you do is what prepares children for their futures.”


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Danielle Allen: “We Need To Reinvest in Civic Learning”

Democracy advocate Danielle Allen holds that ELA teachers have a role in helping students become effective civic participants.


The Union of Civics and ELA

Civic and media literacy scholar Nicole Mirra previews a new guidebook on civically engaged literacy practices.


Saving Democracy: How to Bring Civics into the ELA Classroom

Can weaving K–12 civics education into the ELA classroom help students understand and appreciate the tenets of American democracy?