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2024 NCTE Student Affiliate Annual Report Survey

Annual reports are due by September 15, 2024. Links to and information on all required documentation can be found on the Annual Reports page. Please contact with questions.

NOTE: You may copy long responses from another program and paste them into the survey form. You will be able to upload multiple documents into the form.


  • Website
  • The following items need to be provided to complete your annual report. You may upload them below, provide a link to access materials online, or email to by September 15.

    A. Roster of officers, including position titles, street addresses, telephone numbers, and emails.
    B. Student affiliate dues are $2.50 per student affiliate per year.
    C. A statement verifying that all your officers are members of NCTE.
    D. The student affiliate's most recent constitution.
    E. The student affiliate's Policy on Involvement of People of Color. View NCTE's policy as a model.
    F. Minutes of all meetings the student affiliate had this past year. If you add to the roster of officers to receive minutes, we'll get them throughout the year.
    G. Copies of all student affiliate newsletters and journals. If you haven't already put, on your list of "members" to receive your publications, please do so now.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.