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We are excited to offer another book giveaway to our members to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week! Noting the widespread interest in reading and teaching memoirs, we have curated a collection of resources and offer them in tandem with a generous donation. Courtesy of LEARN and Acorn Paper Products, copies of the memoir Salt in My Soul: An Unfinished Life by Mallory Smith will be made available to current NCTE members. You may request individual copies or classroom sets. We are so grateful for this opportunity!

NCTE supports the use of memoirs in English classes, and we cannot wait to see how our creative teachers will use Salt in My Soul to connect their students to the broader themes Mallory’s experiences bring to light, including chronic illness, public health, legacy, invisible illness, body image, fear, depression and anxiety (or mental health issues), the benefits of journaling, end-of-life choices, and bioethics. This particular memoir is an important read in the era of COVID-19, as the respiratory distress Mallory chronicles parallels many current experiences. With the anxiety surrounding this pandemic, Salt in My Soul provides a perfect backdrop for discussion about the ancillary issues.

If you’d like to hear more from Mallory’s mom, Diane Shader Smith, please see a recent talk she gave about Mallory’s story here or see the book’s website. Diane Shader Smith is available to Skype or Zoom to discuss the book further with your classroom or student book club.

We have approximately 100 books to offer to individuals and will offer the remainder as classroom sets for teachers to use as classwide shared reading experiences or teacher-led book clubs. Please fill out this form to participate and let us know if you are requesting an individual copy or a bundle. The giveaway will be open for one week, until May 8, 2020. This promotion is exclusive to NCTE members.

NCTE has many memoir resources available to you as well. Here is a link to related posts from the Literacy & NCTE blog. Also check out these two Council Chronicle articles:

We are so thankful for this generous donation to NCTE and, in turn, to our members. We are also so grateful to you, our nation’s teachers, for your dedication and devotion to teaching English. Your work and your membership are appreciated!

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