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The Elementary Section Steering Committee of NCTE is committed to the pursuit of justice and equity. We believe that in an open democratic society we cannot argue for democracy and humanity unless we create for our children a more just and caring world. To this end we are dedicated to the support and development of emancipatory pedagogies that counter official policies and mandates that narrow the possibilities for the teaching of the language arts in public schools. We believe that it is essential that we resist any attempt that is made to separate school based language arts programs from the socio-cultural realities of children’s everyday lives. Our task is to support the work of teachers as they work closely with their students and their families to build classrooms where everyone has an opportunity to participate in the conversation with a renewed consciousness of worth and possibility of their own language use and the literacies that they share.

Featured Elementary Stories

A Moment Like This

Cameron Carter, Elementary Lead Ambassador, Columbus, OH

Their Courage: My Why

Stella Villalba, ELL Teacher & Coach, Lead Ambassador, New Albany, OH 

Featured Elementary Publications

Community Literacies en Confianza: Learning from Bilingual After-School Programs

After-school programs focused on English learners, author Steve Alvarez suggests, offer a way for parents, teachers, and volunteers to come together to navigate school systems and the English language, share stories, and work to develop facility in reading and writing across languages.

Digital Reading: What’s Essential in Grades 3-8

Authors William L. Bass and Franki Sibberson invite us to consider what is essential in integrating technology into the classroom, focusing especially on authenticity, intentionality, and connectedness.

2020 NCTE
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The NCTE Annual Convention is an opportunity to network with and learn from some of the brightest minds in the profession. Join us virtually in November as we welcomes many authors, advocates, and literacy educators from across the country.

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The Elementary Section Steering Committee (ESSC) members are elected by the NCTE membership each year to a four-year term. The Chair is elected from within the ESSC to a two-year term and serves on the NCTE Executive Committee representing the interests of the elementary membership.

The Early Childhood Education Assembly (ECEA) supports teachers of young children with a strong emphasis on promoting thoughtful practices that enhance the teaching and learning of young children within and across diverse communities.

The Children’s Literature Assembly (CLA) provides a forum, undertakes programs and projects of special concern to people interested in children’s literature, promotes the field of children’s literature, and serves as a clearinghouse for information on children’s literature.