Upcoming Awards

September 21 [Extended]

CCCC James Berlin Memorial Dissertation Award

Honors a graduate whose dissertation improves the educational process in composition studies, or adds to the field’s body of knowledge, through research or scholarly inquiry.

September 30 [Extended]

CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence

Honors up to 20 outstanding writing programs each year. The selection committee desires to have increased applicants from a broader variety of institutions, including more applications from smaller schools, community colleges, and MSIs, such as HBCUs, HSIs, and Tribal Colleges.

October 1 [extended]


The REALM program publicly recognizes excellent literary magazines produced by students with the support of their teachers. REALM is designed to encourage all schools to develop literary magazines that celebrate the art and craft of writing.

October 15

CCCC Outstanding Dissertation Award in Technical Communication

Given for an outstanding dissertation in technical communication. Dissertations are evaluated according to the following five criteria: originality of research, contribution the research makes to the field, methodological soundness of the approach used, awareness of the existing research in the area studied, and overall quality of the writing.

November 1

CCCC Exemplar Award

Given to a person whose years of service as an exemplar for our organization represents the highest ideals of scholarship, teaching, and service to the entire profession.

CCCC Stonewall Service Award

Recognizes members of CCCC/NCTE who have consistently worked to improve the experiences of sexual and gender minorities within the organization and the profession.

December 15

NCTE Outstanding Elementary Educator

Recognizes a distinguished national or international educator who has made major contributions to the field of language arts in elementary education.

January 31

Edwyna Wheadon Postgraduate Scholarship

To provide funding for professional development experiences for English/Language Arts teachers working in public educational institutions. The scholarship supports postgraduate training to enhance teaching skills and/or career development in teaching.


Children’s Book Awards nominations for fiction and non-fiction selections accepted through October 1 this year.  Charlotte Huck Award for Outstanding Fiction and the Orbis Pictus Award for nonfiction. Every other year, we give the Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children and nominations are always accepted. The next deadline is October 2021.

The Student Writing Awards themed prompts are posted for 2021. Please see the Achievement Awards in Writing page for 11th grade students and the Promising Young Writers page for 8th grade students. Submission form will open in November.

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