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Deadline May 16 [Extended]

Berry Research Award to Study Careers of English Majors

The Berry Research Award to Study Careers of English Majors supports NCTE members in the teaching, learning, and application of literacy learning. It provides research support for an NCTE member(s) who proposes a research project that studies “the careers of English Majors and/or the role and function of English in career development.”

James R. Squire Award

Honors an individual who has given outstanding service to NCTE and the profession of education as a whole.

NCTE Advancement of People of Color Leadership Award

This award is given to an NCTE member of color who has made a significant contribution to NCTE and the development of our professional community. It supports those who advocate for policies and practices that influence and advance the understanding of equity and antiracism.

NCTE Leadership Award for People with Disabilities

This award recognizes a person with a disability who has made a significant contribution to NCTE and to the development of our professional community.

NCTE LGBTQ+ Advocacy & Leadership Award

This award recognizes a member of the LGBTQ+ community who has made a significant contribution to NCTE and to the development of our professional community.

May 20

ELATE Geneva Smitherman Cultural Diversity Grant

This grant for first-time NCTE Annual Convention presenters offers up to two $500 awards to members of groups historically underrepresented in NCTE and ELATE.

May 30 

NCTE Outstanding Middle Level Educator in the English Language Arts Award

This award recognizes exceptional English language arts teachers of grades 6–8 who have inspired a spirit of inquiry and a love of learning in their students.

June 1

CCCC Technical and Scientific Communication Awards

CCCC recognizes works in Technical and Scientific Communication across six categories. Works published in 2021 or 2022 are eligible for the 2023 awards.

June 15

CCCC Luiz Antonio Marcuschi Travel Awards

Two $1,000 travel reimbursement awards are available to scholars living and working/studying in Mexico, Central, or South America who have papers accepted for presentation at the 2023 CCCC Convention.

NCTE National Intellectual Freedom Award

Established in 1997 by NCTE and SLATE–Support for the Learning and Teaching of English–this award is given to individuals, groups, or institutions that merit recognition for advancing the cause of intellectual freedom. A subcommittee of the NCTE Standing Committee Against Censorship selects the recipient(s).

June 30

NCTE Media Literacy Award

The Media Literacy Award showcases NCTE members who have developed innovative approaches for integrating media analysis and composition into their instruction. Individuals, teams, or departments that have implemented and refined exemplary media literacy practices in their school environment are invited to apply.

July 1

CCCC Outstanding Teaching Award

These awards honor teaching and CCCC members who do their primary work in the classroom every day. CCCC offers two awards each year—Emergent Outstanding Teacher and Sustained Outstanding Teacher.

August 1

George Orwell Award

The NCTE George Orwell Award is given by the NCTE Public Language Award Committee and recognizes people who have made outstanding contributions to the critical analysis of public discourse. Print or non-print work that contributes to honesty and clarity in public language is eligible.


Children’s Book Awards nominations are accepted until October 15 each year for the Charlotte Huck Award for Outstanding Fiction, the Orbis Pictus Award for nonfiction, and the Notable Poetry Books and Verse Novels list.

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