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July 15

CCCC Advancement of Knowledge Award

This award is presented annually for the empirical research publication that most advances writing studies.

CCCC Research Impact Award

This award is presented annually for the empirical research publication that most advances the mission of the organization or the needs of the profession.

July 22

CCCC Outstanding Teaching Award

This award honors teaching and CCCC members who do their primary work in the classroom every day. CCCC offers two awards each year—one for an Emergent Outstanding Teacher and the other for a Sustained Outstanding Teacher.

July 31


This program for middle schools, high schools and universities/colleges recognizes students, teachers, and schools for producing excellent literary magazines. It provides encouragement for all schools to develop literary magazines with excellence in writing and school-wide participation.

August 1

George Orwell Award

The NCTE Public Language Award Committee is seeking nominations for this year’s Orwell Award, which honors an author, editor, or producer of a print or non-print work that contributes to honesty and clarity in public language.

Doublespeak Award

The NCTE Doublespeak Award, established in 1974 and given by the NCTE Public Language Award Committee, is an ironic tribute to public speakers who have perpetuated language that is grossly deceptive, evasive, euphemistic, confusing, or self-centered.

Donald H. Graves Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Writing

Annually recognize teachers in grades K-6 who, through the teaching of writing, demonstrate an understanding of student improvement in writing.


Children’s Book Awards nominations for fiction and non-fiction selections are accepted until October 15Charlotte Huck Award for Outstanding Fiction and the Orbis Pictus Award for nonfiction. Every other year, we give the Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children and nominations are always accepted for the Notable Poetry Books and Verse Novels List each year.

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