Upcoming Awards

August 8

ELATE Research Initiative

ELATE invites proposals for research projects that advance the work of the organization as articulated through our various position statements and sponsored publications. Research supported by this initiative contributes to and extends ELATE’s efforts to communicate what we know and believe about English education with many different audiences: state and federal policy makers, accreditation agencies, school/department administrators, researchers, teacher educators, practicing teachers and other education leaders.

ELATE Graduate Student Research Award

Seeks to support graduate student research that contributes to and extends ELATE’s efforts to examine important issues in English education. While the parameters of the award are broad, we encourage research that examines current issues in the field and offers implications for multiple audiences. Graduate students at the master’s and doctoral level are eligible; all applicants must be members of ELATE.

August 31

CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence

This award program, honors up to 20 writing programs a year.

September 1

CCCC James Berlin Memorial Dissertation Award

Honors a graduate whose dissertation improves the educational process in composition studies, or adds to the field’s body of knowledge, through research or scholarly inquiry.

CCCC Research Initiative

We call for proposals to investigate key challenges faced by literacy, communication, rhetoric, and writing instructors and administrators in their classrooms and programs. CCCC funds research proposals up to $10,000 each.

CCCC Emergent Researcher Award

These awards are intended to invest in our organization’s members by rewarding and supporting: early career researchers; writing faculty/instructors who have not had the opportunity to engage in funded research; and/or writing faculty/instructors who do not have support for research within their institutions.

Doublespeak Award

The NCTE Doublespeak Award is an ironic tribute to public speakers who have perpetuated language that is grossly deceptive, evasive, euphemistic, confusing, or self-centered.

George Orwell Award

The NCTE Orwell Award recognizes writers who have made outstanding contributions to the critical analysis of public discourse.

October 1 [extended]


The REALM program publicly recognizes excellent literary magazines produced by students with the support of their teachers. REALM is designed to encourage all schools to develop literary magazines that celebrate the art and craft of writing.


Children’s Book Awards nominations for fiction and non-fiction selections accepted through October 1 each year.  Charlotte Huck Award for Outstanding Fiction and the Orbis Pictus Award for nonfiction. Every other year, we give the Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children and nominations are always accepted. The next deadline is October 2021.

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