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NCTE Cosponsored Speaker Program

Are you looking for a dynamic national English language arts presenter for your upcoming conference? The NCTE Cosponsored Speaker Program contains a select group of NCTE leaders, authors, editors, and staff willing to present a keynote address or workshop for no honorarium. This valuable program promotes closer relationships between NCTE and its affiliates and TYCA regionals, gives Council leaders the opportunity to meet members, and provides speakers with expertise on certain topics to affiliates for local programs.

How Does the Cosponsored Speaker Program Work?

The Cosponsored Speaker Program is conducted by NCTE as a service to affiliates and the Two-Year College English Association (TYCA) regionals. Under the provisions of the program, NCTE will jointly share the costs with affiliates and TYCA regionals for bringing speakers to local meetings. Speakers include members of the NCTE Executive Committee; chairs of standing committees; the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues Advisory Committee; the Committee Against Racism and Bias in the Teaching of English; editors of journals; authors and editors of recent NCTE publications; members of the Rainbow Strand Planning Group; and selected headquarters staff.

Cosponsored Speakers receive no honorarium for official affiliate and TYCA regional meetings when the NCTE Affiliates Office confirms arrangements. They do receive reimbursement for their travel and lodging expenses. The sponsoring group pays onsite expenses and contributes toward travel expenses. NCTE pays the balance.

Generally, only one Cosponsored Speaker is available to each group per year. However, to promote networking and outreach to new audiences, groups are eligible for a Cosponsored Speaker at a second conference if that program is a collaboration with one or more non-NCTE groups (e.g., universities, other professional associations, area education agencies, parent groups, or civic groups).

The Cosponsored Speaker should be scheduled fora major slot, such as a meal function, a general session, or a major workshop. The Cosponsored Speaker will either make a speech or conduct a workshop, but not both. It is important that the speaker be visible and available to as many members as possible.

Sponsoring groups are responsible for highlighting the Cosponsored Speaker in the preconference publicity and in the printed conference program. Please make clear NCTE’s co-sponsorship when introducing the speaker. You may request a photograph and biographical information for publicity releases and use in the printed program. You must obtain written permission from the speaker before taping the speaker’s presentation.

When you have a Cosponsored Speaker on your program, we ask that you urge your members who are not NCTE members to join NCTE. One affiliate or TYCA regional officer—the liaison officer or the membership chair—should have a table or counter near the registration area (or near the NCTE exhibit) to distribute NCTE membership forms and collect dues. Information fliers and membership applications are included in all Affiliate Exhibit Kits but can be requested separately if no Affiliate Exhibit Kit is ordered for the meeting.

Responsibilities of an Affiliate or TYCA Regional Taking Part in the Cosponsored Speaker Program

  • Sending the completed request form to NCTE several months in advance of the conference. All requests will be acknowledged, and arrangements made as quickly as possible. (See below.)
  • Checking with the speaker about details for the conference. (Hosting An NCTE Cosponsored Speaker)
  • Providing onsite expenses for the speaker, including meals and accommodations, and contributing toward travel expenses. This amount is usually between $200 and $400, depending on the size of the affiliate/TYCA regional and how far the speaker must travel. NCTE will invoice you for this amount after your conference.
  • Highlighting the Cosponsored Speaker in preconference publicity and in the printed conference program.
  • Obtaining written permission from the speaker before taping the speaker’s session.
  • Mentioning NCTE’s co-sponsorship when introducing the speaker.
  • Urging nonmembers of NCTE to join NCTE. Membership applications are available from NCTE.
  • Sending the travel contribution to NCTE after the conference is over. (The NCTE Finance Department will send out invoices.)

Selecting a Cosponsored Speaker

See our list of speakers—affiliations and topics are listed for each.

Are you ready to request a speaker? Do you have three preferred speakers in mind? Please complete the NCTE Cosponsored Speaker Request Form.

If you only want to order an Affiliate Exhibit Kit for your conference, please complete this form.

If you would like to order a complimentary mailing list of NCTE members in your area or state—see our Conference Planning page for helpful conference resources.

Please email with questions.