2023 NCTE Cosponsored Speakers - National Council of Teachers of English

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2023 NCTE Cosponsored Speakers

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Danelle Adeniji 

Executive committee member 

Queer education; elementary education 




Damián Baca 

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 

Member, NCTE Committee Against Racism and Bias in the Teaching of English; author, Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise 

Indigenous and Latinx writing practices; decolonial theory and praxis  



Arianna Banack

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 

Co-editor, The ALAN Review; board member, Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE (ALAN) 

Young adult literature; critical literacy 



Limarys Caraballo 

Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY 

Chair, NCTE Standing Committee on Research 

Curriculum; youth voice and engagement; teacher learning 


Josh Coleman

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 

Member, NCTE LGBTQIA+ Advisory Committee

Book bans; LGBTQIA+ youth literature; queer and trans teacher and student well-being 


Frankie Condon 

University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 

Member, NCTE Executive Committee

Antiracist rhetoric and pedagogy; writing center theory and practice; critical race theory 



Joanne Baird Giordano 

Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT 

Chair, Two-Year College English Association 

Open-admissions literacy programs; inclusive teaching; college reading



Bump Halbritter 

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 


Reflective writing practices; story-based writing curricula; inquiry in education



Lyn Fairchild Hawks 

Chapel Hill, NC 


Differentiating Shakespeare; writing the college application essay; teaching young adult literature 



Darin L. Jensen 

Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT 

Editor, Teaching English in the Two-Year College; member, Two-Year College English Association Executive Committee, CCCC Executive Committee

Two-year college writing studies; literacy in writing studies; reading in composition, preparing graduate students to teach in two-year colleges



William Kist 

Kent State University (emeritus) 


Adolescent literacy; technology integration; pop culture in classrooms 



Julie Lindquist 

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 


Reflective writing practices; story-based curricula; inquiry in education 



Cassandra Lo 

St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, NY 


Trauma-sensitive pedagogy; relational teaching; culturally responsive teaching



Emily Meixner 

The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ 

Member, NCTE Executive Committee; Chair, Conference on English Leadership 

Reading and writing pedagogy; teacher preparation and novice teacher mentoring; children’s and young adult literature 



Henry “Cody” Miller

SUNY Brockport, Rochester, NY 

Editor, English Leadership Quarterly; former chair, NCTE LGBTQIA+ Advisory Committee 

Young adult literature; LGBTQIA+ inclusion; book bans 



Renee M. Moreno 

California State University, Northridge, CA 

Member, NCTE Executive Committee

Diversity and inclusion among college students; ethnic studies curriculum; Chicana/o literature



Michele Myers 

Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC 

Coauthor, Revolutionary Love: Creating a Culturally Inclusive Literacy Classroom; member, NCTE Executive Committee

Literacy education; partnering with families and communities; family and community literacies; culturally relevant pedagogy


Amy Nyeholt 

PA Cyber, Midland, PA 

Chair, NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates 

Affiliate leadership, membership, and programming; strategic planning 



Sandra Lucia Osorio 

Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL 

Coeditor, Language Arts 

Critical literacies and pedagogies; equity and justice in early childhood education; translanguaging; multiculturalism; multilingual learning 


Patricia Paugh 

University of Massachusetts Boston 

Coeditor, Talking Points; coauthor, Learning to be Literate: More Than a Single Story 

Early literacy; disciplinary literacies 



Nawal Qarooni 

NQC Literacy, Jersey City, NJ, and Chicago, IL 

Member, NCTE Committee for Antibias and Antiracism in the Teaching of English 

Holistic literacy instructional practices; family engagement; multilingualism; multimodal writing; composition; text selection; conferring; antibias and antiracist teaching 


Keisha Rembert 

National Louis University, Chicago, IL 

Member, NCTE Committee Against Racism and Bias in the Teaching of English 

Antiracist ELA practices; culturally responsive/relevant pedagogy; social justice Integration




Michal Reznizki 

University of California, Berkeley 


Student engagement; teaching writing with active learning 



Rochelle (Shelley) Rodrigo 

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 

President-Elect, NCTE 

Online teaching and learning; administration; writing 



Sanjuana C. Rodriguez 

Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA 

Member, NCTE Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity 

Diverse children’s literature; culturally relevant pedagogy; early literacy 


René M. Rodríguez-Astacio 

California State University, Fresno 

Member, NCTE LGBTQIA+ Advisory Committee

Teaching literature to adolescents; queer and Latinx young adult literature; social justice in children’s and young adult literature 



Susanne Rubenstein 

Wachusett Regional High School, Holden, MA (retired) 

Author, Can We Talk? Encouraging Conversation in High School Classrooms and Speak for Yourself: Writing with Voice

Promoting communication, connection, and collaboration; writing and the development of voice 


Pauline Skowron Schmidt 

West Chester University, West Chester, PA 

Author in the NCTE Principles in Practice imprint 

Infusing technology into the ELA curriculum in meaningful ways; arts-based and place-based pedagogies; multimodality and literacies 


Robyn Seglem 

Illinois State University, Normal, IL 

Coeditor, Voices from the Middle 

Teachers as researchers and writers; inquiry in the language arts 



Melanie Shoffner

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 

Editor, English Education 

Writing for publication generally; writing for English Education 



Sheridan Steelman 

Northview Public Schools (retired) 

Author, Walking in Shakespeare’s Shoes: Connecting His World and Ours Using Primary Sources

Topics: “Dynamic Teaching Strategies to Engage, Energize, and Enrich”; “50 Years of Teaching: How Students Continue to Lead the Way”; “Disrupting Teacher Turnover: Preservice Training and Mentorships” 


Josh Thompson 

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 

Chair, NCTE Secondary Section Steering Committee 

LGBTQIA+ topics in education; independent reading; rural education; student-centered pedagogy and assessment 



Christie Toth 

University of Utah, Salt Lake City UT 

Co-editor of Teaching Composition at the Two-Year College: Background Readings and co-author of Transfer in an Urban Writing Ecology: Reimagining Community College–University Relations in Composition Studies.

Community college transfer student writing experiences Community college-university partnerships in writing studies Graduate preparation for community college writing faculty 


Adam Wolfsdorf 

New York University; Bay Ridge Preparatory High School, Brooklyn, NY 


Trauma-informed pedagogy; teaching Shakespeare; literature and adolescence



Shane A. Wood 

University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 


Theory and teaching of writing; writing program administration; multimodality 



Rebecca Woodard 

University of Illinois Chicago 

Coeditor, Language Arts 

Writing and digital literacies; critical and culturally sustaining literacy pedagogy; climate change and environmental justice