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National Council of Teachers of English Partners with National Coalition Against Censorship
to Advance Intellectual Freedom

Deepened partnership will expand support for NCTE members.


Contact: Abby Heverin, NCTE Communications Manager,; 315-408-2759


Champaign, Illinois—The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is expanding its partnership with the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) to deliver resources and support to literacy educators who face challenges to teaching materials.

Intellectual freedom has long been a cornerstone of NCTE’s work, with a Standing Committee Against Censorship dating back to 2001 and a robust array of resources available in the organization’s online Intellectual Freedom Center.

“All students should have access to materials and educational experiences that promote open inquiry, critical thinking, diversity in thought and expression, and respect for themselves and others. NCTE is committed to providing our members with the support and resources they need to uphold this right. By deepening our partnership with NCAC, we are expanding our portfolio of member benefits and empowering literacy educators to navigate intellectual freedom issues,” NCTE Executive Director Emily Kirkpatrick said.

NCTE members can access the Free Expression Educators Handbook. The handbook, created by NCAC in collaboration with NCTE, is intended for teachers, librarians, and school administrators. It contains practical tools and advice for managing book challenges and censorship controversies in schools and school libraries.

NCTE members facing a challenge can also access free legal advice.

Finally, beginning in March 2021 NCTE and NCAC will host a webinar series designed to inform and empower educators to navigate intellectual freedom issues. The first webinar will take place March 22, 2021, at 4 p.m. ET. Subsequent webinars will be offered throughout the year on pressing topics, including race, gender, and sexuality. Registration information for these webinars will be published at when it becomes available.

For almost 50 years, NCAC has acted as a first responder to protect freedom of expression, which is both a fundamental human right and a keystone of democracy.

“Book challenges require teachers to navigate complex competing demands. We’re excited to work closely with NCTE to ensure teachers are prepared and supported to defend their students’ rights to read and learn,” NCAC Director of Programs Svetlana Mintcheva said.

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