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The Secondary Section enhances the professional lives of English language arts educators and the quality of education of their students by providing multiple forums for significant dialogue on historical, current, and emerging topics of interest to secondary English language arts educators.


NCTE offers opportunities to connect and learn with members all throughout the year. Find resources here!

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Restorying Young Adult Literature: Expanding Students’ Perspectives with Digital Texts

This book spotlights how teachers and students can use digital tools and technologies to reread, rewrite, and restory young adult literature today.

Workshopping the Canon for Democracy and Justice

Workshopping the Canon for Democracy and Justice adopts and adapts foundational reading and writing workshop structures to help middle and secondary teachers more effectively teach democratic concepts and justice in their English language arts classrooms.

2024 NCTE Annual Convention

Boston, MA • November 21–24, 2024

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NCTE’s award-winning journal provides ideas for English language arts teachers in junior and senior high schools and middle schools. It presents information on the teaching of writing and reading, literature, and language, and includes information on how teachers are putting the latest technologies to work in their classrooms.

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The Secondary Section Steering Committee (SSSC) members are elected by the NCTE membership each year to a four-year term. The Chair is elected from within the SSSC to a two-year term and serves on the NCTE Executive Committee representing the interests of the secondary membership.

Explore these online events and resources offering instructional strategies and immersive activities that facilitate research and critical thinking!

The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE (ALAN) promotes communication and cooperation among all individuals who have a special interest in adolescent literature, presents programs and conferences on this subject, promotes and increases the number of articles and publications devoted to it and integrates the efforts of all those with an interest in this literature.