Research Foundation Trustees

William Banks (Elected)

November 2019 – November 2021 (Appointed Chair)
December 2017 - November 2020
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

Juan Guerra (CNV Director) (Appointed, exoffico)

February 2014 - March 2020
University of Washington, Seattle

Isabel Baca (Elected)

December 2017 – November 2020
University of Texas at El Paso

Betina Hsieh (Elected)

December 2019 - November 2022
California State University, Long Beach

Lamar L. Johnson (Elected)

December 2019 - November 2022
Michigan State University, East Lansing

Sonja Lanehart (Elected)

December 2019-November 2022
University of Arizona, Tucson

Carmen Llerena (Appointed)

December 2017 – November 2020
New York City Department of Education, NY

Tiana Silvas (Appointed)

December 2017 – November 2020
PS 59/Beekman Hill International, NY

NCTE Staff Support


Kristen Suchor
Director of Affiliated Groups

Linda Walters-Moore
Administrative Liaison