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College English Call for Submissions: “And Gladly Teach”

“And gladly would he learn, and gladly teach” – The Canterbury Tales

College English is accepting submissions to a new feature, “And Gladly Teach,” which seeks to promote innovative classroom practices that forward the current scholarly conversation into classroom. As with the traditional-form academic essays that provide the bulk of the journal’s contents, works in this feature will engage with recent research and contemporary scholarly debates. “And Gladly Teach,” however, showcases primary classroom documents and empirically documented practices that translate disciplinary expertise into the instructional practice.

Evaluation Criteria

Audience awareness and broad applicability of argument provide a primary criterion for authors considering submitting to this feature. That is, published essays will demonstrate a consideration of the teaching interests of the broad readership of the journal. In addressing those interests, successful essays will describe forms of pedagogy and instruction strategies that are applicable to the wide range of disciplinary specialties that comprise contemporary English studies.

Evidence and method will be used in a persuasive fashion that allows the reader to see not just what occurred in the classroom under consideration but also the empirical data collection that allowed the author to determine the impact of the activity. Such data might include, for example, classroom documents, student reflections, class surveys, and other learning outcomes data. As with all other research involving human subjects that is published in College English, all manuscripts sent out for review must have approval from the IRB at the appropriate institution(s).

Engagement with current scholarly conversations will be evident in successful “And Gladly Teach” submissions. These works will describe the scholarly research that provides the intellectual context and to which these essays respond.

Featured classroom documents are encouraged for inclusion. Such documents might include assignment prompts, syllabi, or other instructional artifacts.

Submission Process

Authors submitting manuscripts for “And Gladly Teach” should choose this article type when submitting a manuscript through Editorial Manager. While these manuscripts will undergo the same evaluative process as other works submitted to the journal, reviewers will be asked to assess using the criteria described above. Manuscripts in this feature will observe the same requirements for length, anonymity, and the submission process as described in the CE submission guidelines above.