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With great excitement, NCTE welcomes editor Lori Ostergaard; associate editors Felicita Arzu Carmichael, Jim Nugent, and Megan Schoen; and their assistant editors to the editorship of College English. Lori brings to the journal the belief that academic forums like College English should both shape and be shaped by the prevailing scholarly and pedagogical concerns of the communities they serve; furthermore, a journal’s featured articles and special issues should respond to the diverse research of authors and readers, simultaneously reflecting and influencing what the discipline values. With that in mind, she and her team will work to achieve two primary goals for the journal: (1) advancing diversity, creating more equitable editorial practices, and inviting more voices into the conversation and (2) maintaining the journal’s high standards for scholarship while also expanding the journal’s visibility, publication opportunities, and support for new authors.

Lori Ostergaard

Associate Editors
Felicita Arzu Carmichael
Jim Nugent
Megan Schoen

Editing and Production
Kim Morse, NCTE

Journal Designer
Geno Church, NCTE