Classroom Notes Plus - NCTE

Felice A. Kaufmann

Enjoy these CNP excerpts and web-extras:

Sentence Combining: Building Skills through Reading and Writing
(Classroom Notes Plus, August 2008)

“Superheroes and Word Study”
(Classroom Notes Plus, April 2008)

“Inquiry and Research through the I-Journey Project”
(Classroom Notes Plus, January 2008)

“Supporting Literacy with Student-Made Documentaries”
(Classroom Notes Plus, October 2007)

Point of View

NOT a Snow Day—Thanks to Email!
Thanks to email, a snowstorm turned into a learning opportunity for Kim Bochicchio and her students.

Educational Blogging
Betsy Potash’s teaching changed two years ago when she learned how to set up blogs. Take a tour of the possibilities and find out why.