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Award Details

Nominations are not accepted for this award.

The award recognizes outstanding English Journal articles written by classroom teachers.

The award shall be given annually to the authors of two articles written by teachers and published in English Journal. At least 50% of the named contributing authors must be practicing high school teachers at the time of submission and may include those on leave. Book reviewers will not be eligible for consideration, but articles written for specific English Journal columns may be considered. Teachers currently on leave may be considered, as may former teachers presently not employed.

Award Criteria:
The editor of English Journal shall draw up the annual list of eligible authors and shall be the arbiter of eligibility. The award shall be given once each year, covering issues published between September and July of the previous volume year. Up to two honorable mentions (runners-up) may be also named.

Award Specifics:
The award is announced by the award committee chair and presented by the journal editor at the Secondary Section Luncheon during the NCTE Annual Convention. The winner receives a plaque, $100 honorarium, complimentary registration for the NCTE Annual Convention, and a ticket to the Secondary Section Luncheon. Honorable mentions receive a certificate.

The award is named after Paul and Kate Farmer, founders and donors.

The Farmer Award Committee determines the winner based upon articles meeting the criteria by August 15. The award committee consists of a chair nominated by the editor of English Journal and three to five readers nominated by the members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee. Each reader scores each article using the provided rubric.

NCTE Paul and Kate Farmer English Journal Writing Award Recipients

(Re)Vitalizing Instruction via Participatory Action Research” (Vol. 111, No. 2, November 2021) by Kimberly Hellerich

Honorable Mention:
“Teaching Ghost Boys to Explore Police Brutality and Antiracist Protests” (Vol. 111, No. 1, September 2021) by Daniel Ian Rubin

’I Got This!’ Visual Methods as Restorative Practice” (Vol. 110, No. 2, November 2020) by Deirdre Faughey

Honorable Mention:
Teachers Who Stand Up” (Vol. 110, No. 2, November 2020) by Lorena Germán

The Intersections of Nature and Voice” (Vol. 109, No. 5, May 2020) by Tiffany L. Rehbein, Katie Wheeler, Cynthia Brock, and Lillian Lenhart

Honorable Mention:
‘I’m Gonna Buy All These Books!’ Reality Pedagogy and Literature Circles” (Vol. 109, No. 2, November 2019) by Nicole A. Moskal

Miles Morales: Spider-Man and Reimagining the Canon for Racial Justice” (Vol. 108, No. 4, March 2019) by Worlds, Mario, and Henry “Cody” Miller

Maximizing the Heuristic Potential of the Enthymeme” (Vol. 103, No. 3, January 2018) by Ben Roth Shank, Eastern Mennonite School, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Honorable Mention:
The Square Cucumber: Restoring Student Autonomy and Confidence” (Vol. 107, No. 3, January 2018) by Victoria Johnston Boecherer, Suffolk County Community College, NY

A Principled Revolution in the Teaching of Writing,” (Vol. 106, No. 5, May 2017) by Nicole Boudreau Smith, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, Illinois

Honorable Mention:
Springsteen, Spoken Word, and Social Justice: Engaging Students in Activism through Songs and Poetry,” (Vol. 106, No. 6, July 2017) by Jaclyn Burr, Brighton High School, Brighton, Michigan

“Using Memorials to Build Critical Thinking Skills and Empathy,” (March 2016) by Jennifer Ansbach, New Jersey

“Photos as Witness: Teaching Visual Literacy for Research and Social Action,” (November 2015) by Kiran Subhani, New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois


Past Award Winners