LLA Reclaiming the Joy of Teaching Award - National Council of Teachers of English

LLA Reclaiming the Joy of Teaching Award Recipients

2023 Jennifer Smalarz, Berkeley County School District, South Carolina
Not awarded
Sharon Ball, Guided Way ~ Child’s Play
         Valente’ Gibson, Jackson Greek Elementary School
         Chris Hass, Center for Inquiry, Richland 2 School District
         Margarita Pomare-McDonald, Windsor Forest Elementary School
2020 Sue Anderson, Downers Grove, Illinois District 58, Hillcrest Elementary School
2019 Sara Suber
2018 Morgan Belcher, Starke Primary School, Pekin, Illinois
2017 Elisa Waingort, Academia Cotopaxi, Quito, Ecuador
2016 Shelli Thelen, Mary Paxton Keeley Elementary, Columbia, MO
2015 Kathryn Moore, Har-Bar High School, Fayetteville, AR
2014 Caryl Crowell, Borton primary Magnet School, Tucson, AZ


Past Award Recipients