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5 Stories about Shifts in Literacy

REmodelingroundIt’s hard to remodel a house without a examples of what the improvements could look like and how they might work. The same is true of remodeling literacy in schools and systems. Without concrete examples of what the process entails — the trials and tribulations, the evolving results in other schools — it’s hard to put educators and system leaders at ease about the changes they’re trying to instill. That’s one of the reasons we have the Literacy in Learning Exchange. Each year hundreds of schools and groups from across the country use this space to tell their stories.

Some of the most read posts on the site come from Portraits of Change, a feature of that site that provides opportunities for teams to share their experiences making shifts in literacy teaching and learning practices. Sometimes the story focuses primarily on the process of learning through collaboration, and sometimes the story focuses on shifting literacy practices. Either way, these stories are just as much about the journey as the results.

Check out these 5 most read Portraits of 2014:

  1. Bringing Academic Vocabulary into Everyday Practice
  2. Reading and Writing Aren’t Just for the English Department
  3. Conferring with Students: Examining Our Practices
  4. Why Do We Have To Do Math in Science Class?
  5. Integration of Information Literacy into the Curriculum: Changing Students’ Relationships with the School Librarian

If you haven’t done so already, consider joining the Literacy in Learning Exchange so you can follow different groups and keep up to date on stories like the ones featured above.