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Moving on with Affiliates F-G-H

As I head off to this year’s Affiliate Leadership Meeting this weekend, I’ll look forward to visiting with leaders from the NCTE affiliates F-G and H. FCTEGCTEHCTEBICTE

The Florida Council of Teachers of English boasts on its website, “The Future of Education + FCTE /The FUTURE is bright! Connect with us.” They offer detailed information on the Florida Standards and invite you to an exploration of “Excellence and Ethics” at their upcoming October conference.

In Georgia there’s a 90+ year old affiliate, the Georgia Council of Teachers of English, that tweets @GCTEnglish and offers a number of awards, scholarships, and grants.

NCTE has two Hawaiian affiliates: Hawaii Council of Teachers of English and the Big Island Council of Teachers of English. The Big Island Council serves the island of Hawaii and the Hawaii Council of Teachers of English serves all of the state. Did you know that despite the fact that Hawaii is made up of eight main islands, all of Hawaii is one school district governed by the state Board of Education!  One way HCTE serves is that it accepts donations for scholarships for pre-service and first year teachers to attend the annual HCTE Conference.