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You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

“NCTE should be the place to say,  if you are about literacy and social justice, you don’t have to walk alone.” – Ernest Morrell, NCTE 2014 Presidential Address

In my eight years as an educator, I have come to observe that NCTE members are a special breed of teacher. We are passionate about literacy, our students, and social justice. Backed by over 100 years of research in best practices, our members represent and advocate for “all that is right and good in the teaching of English,” as NCTE member Cheryl Mizerny says. But one thing I often hear from our members is that they are the only voice of NCTE in their building.  I’ve heard this sentiment time and again: “Even though I’m surrounded by people all day, it gets lonely in my building.”

What if it didn’t have to be lonely anymore? What if your entire staff could reap the benefits of the resources NCTE has to offer? Well, now you can.

Starting in the fall, NCTE will now offer school memberships. That’s right, an entire staff, not just the English department, has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the resources NCTE has to offer. School memberships are designed to open up dialogue and opportunities for collaboration within a school to help staff build capacity around literacy learning, which NCTE believes is everyone’s job, not just that of English teachers. From our position statements on formative assessment to high stakes testing, to our Intellectual Freedom Center, NCTE has been providing support and resources for teachers of all grades and disciplines since 1911.

Visit our website to learn more about school membership. We hope you’ll forward the information along to your administrator, as well, because here at NCTE we believe that you shouldn’t have to walk alone.

NCTE School Membership