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Pushed by my PLN

Last week was the start of a new school year for me. No matter how many first days and first weeks of school I am a part of, I always seem to forget just how exhausting this time of year is.  And there are certainly times throughout the school year where that same sense of overwhelming exhaustion comes back to haunt me. Thankfully I have surrounded myself virtually with a network of supportive educators, authors, and librarians who keep me going and remind me I’m not alone.

Our August #nctechat theme was about the Power of the PLN, a professional and personal learning network that individuals curate to inspire and motivate.  As a new school year is approaching or has just begun, ask yourself, who are the people in your life who push your learning and motivate you to be better?

Here are a few highlights from our Power of the PLN #nctechat on Twitter: