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THE Place to Say YA to Reading: “Viva La Reading Revolution!”

ALANMaybe you’ve come off Banned Books Week thinking about introducing more young adult literature into your classroom or maybe you’re a YA aficionado looking for more books and more ideas for using them with your students, not to mention close contact with many, many YA authors—live!

Either way the place you want to be on Monday and Tuesday, November 23-24 is in Minneapolis at the ALAN Workshop, W.07. Don’t believe me? Listen as Jennifer Buehler and friends tell you why—from friends and colleagues, THE BOX of books (work on those biceps so you can lift it!), authors, ideas—well just listen.

ALAN, the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE (ALAN) [Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE ] sponsors this workshop (and a Saturday breakfast). This year the workshop theme is “Viva La Reading Revolution!”

“In a time when educational reform and mandates are pushing pleasure reading out of classrooms and the emphasis on test scores has companies selling “quick fix” programs to boost reading achievement, we here at ALAN still know that the best formula for turning kids into successful readers is to give them a caring, professional adult who knows good books, time to read, choice, and access to a variety of titles. This shouldn’t be considered revolutionary, but unfortunately in this day and age, it is.”