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What Follows Professional Learning? Staying Connected

2015-ac-logoAfter returning from a professional learning experience like the NCTE Annual Convention, attendees are often energized and reinvigorated. They want to keep the excitement going and continue the conversations that began at the event. What if you can’t attend a conference in person? These resources from NCTE will provide ideas for staying connected after a professional learning experience.

Convention presenters were encouraged to upload their handouts to the 2015 NCTE Annual Convention Online Program. If you searched and found a session of interest for you, there’s a chance you can also find the support materials for that session.

Conversations and discussions about Convention and other NCTE happenings take place in the NCTE Connected Community. Folks also connect via the NCTE Facebook page and NCTE Twitter, using the Convention hashtag #NCTE15. Follow along on Instagram to see photos and videos from the Convention and other gatherings.

There’s now a playlist on YouTube of interviews with NCTE leaders discussing this year’s
Annual Convention. The videos include convention highlights from each individual, as well as their tips for first-time attendees. Don’t miss the Annual Convention 2015 playlist! NCTE also occasionally hosts live events for members and nonmembers.

To maximize the 2015 NCTE Annual Convention experience, folks downloaded the Mobile App to easily view sessions, exhibitors, speakers, floor plans, alerts, and more! You can peek in to see what is there and plan ahead for next year! Download the iOS or Android version.

How do you maintain the momentum after a professional learning experience? Are you inspired to be part of the next NCTE Annual Convention? Read the 2016 Call for Proposals and submit a program proposal for the Atlanta Convention by January 13.