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Submit Your Ideas for New Content on!

rwt_logo1We’re in the planning stages for next calendar year, and we’re looking to you—our users—for new content ideas. What have you done in your classroom or afterschool program to inspire and engage your 21st-century learners? For which topics are you looking for resources?

You may know us for our lessons, but our site contains much, much more. Take a look at some of our resource types for which we accept proposals:

Lessons are our most prolific resource type. With over 850 lessons across grades K-12, there are plenty to choose from. However, the educational landscape is changing with the ever-growing presence of new technologies in the classroom, and ReadWriteThink wants to provide you with the innovative lessons you need.

Strategy Guides
Strategy guides define and provide examples of effective literacy teaching strategies and the research that support them in a user-friendly format. These guides include both new strategies or tried-and-true strategies you’ve used in the classroom.

Community Stories is more than just a website; it’s a community of educators working to improve literacy learning for every student. Community Stories are first-person testimonials of how ReadWriteThink, the International Literacy Association, or the National Council of Teachers of English has made a positive impact in the classroom.

Parent & Afterschool Activities & Projects goes beyond the classroom! Activities and projects in the Parent & Afterschool section extend beyond the school walls to engage children and teens in continued literacy learning. These activities are specifically written for caregivers and afterschool tutors who are not literacy education professionals.

Parent & Afterschool Tips & How-To’s
Tips and how-to’s provide caregivers and afterschool tutors with quick, useful suggestions for helping a child or teen develop a literacy skill.

In order to help mold the direction of in the coming year, Contact Us to share your ideas!

*Submission of an idea does not guarantee publication.