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New Year’s Day Resolutions

Image457383369_unity-handsThis year NCTE will be focusing on advocacy so we can learn together how to advocate in our classroom, our community, and our nation. So on this day, a day of personal resolutions, perhaps another resolution can be promised: to advocate, to learn to advocate, to be educated on the issues.

Advocacy is not just something that is done in the halls of Congress, state legislatures, or federal and state agencies. It is not limited to school boards or city hall. It is in the classroom—with parents or principals, deans and administrators. Every time you speak up for a child or a teen or young adult, you are advocating. So this year, when the CCCC and the Annual Convention are focused on giving you the skills you need to speak up for education, consider what you might do to participate and to learn.

Consider resolving to do one of the following:

You offer a perspective no one else has. Your voice should be heard. So, on this first day of 2016, we encourage you to include a resolution to advocate for yourself and your students. Together, we will make a difference.