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Writing Strategies for Action: The 2016 CCCC Annual Convention

logo-100The 2016 CCCC Annual Convention begins one month from today and runs from April 6-9, 2016 in Houston, Texas. The theme for the 2016 Convention is “Writing Strategies for Action”. As Program Chair Linda Adler-Kassner wrote in her call for proposals:

Each of these actions suggest potential consequences for different students and institutions. They point to the need for strategic action. This action requires that we continue to articulate—for ourselves and to and with others—what writing is and does. It also entails research- and experience-based discussion with one another, with colleagues at our institutions, with members of the communities in which we live about why understandings of writing matter, about where and how writing development occurs in postsecondary education, and about the implications of research-based understandings about writing as an activity and a subject of study.

Watch Linda Adler-Kassner talk about the CCCC’s Convention.

A special focus for CCCC 2016 will be Taking Action sessions. Taking Action workshops, offered throughout the conference during regular sessions and open to all CCCC attendees, facilitated by professional organizers and strategists. These workshops will explore how writing has been used as a strategy for taking action.

There will also be a space called the Action Hub: an onsite common space where members can meet, brainstorm, write, and take other actions on what they have learned from convention panelists. This year’s Action Hub is jam-packed with opportunities to use, think about, and engage in writing as a strategy for action.

On Saturday, during the last session of the conference, a plenary session will be held where workshop facilitators will discuss what they learned offering the workshops and attendees will think together about next steps – for themselves, as well as for CCCC.

Interested in attending the 2016 CCCC Annual Convention? The deadline for Advance Registration is March 23, 2016. Here are “The Top Three Reasons to Attend CCCC 2016“.

Can’t attend but want to follow along virtually? Follow the hashtag #4C16! You can also view the Online Program which allows you to create your own convention schedule online as you browse and search through the hundreds of sessions, workshops, and numerous other events offered at the 2016 Convention!