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African-American Read-In: A Literary Tradition

This blog is written by NCTE member, Jeanette Toomer.

JeanetteToomer AARI
School bulletin board featured books and students’ literary responses for the NCTE African American Read-In at a Bronx high school in New York.

I wanted to let NCTE members know that the African American Read-In has proven to be a successful literacy event ever since 2009 when I began incorporating it into my curriculum. I have always had a predominantly African-American population in the urban high schools where I have taught. If the school libraries did not have books written by black authors, then I successfully raised donations through to purchase the books for the African American Read-In. Students chose their book from a selected group of texts. They were engaged and wrote literary responses as they continued to read their books through February!

Jeanette Toomer, MA, MS, is a veteran secondary ELA and Literature teacher, instructional specialist, literacy coach and trainer. Her company, Drama, Discovery and Learning, LLC, provides professional development in English and literacy instruction, conflict resolution, multicultural awareness that integrates educational theater practices. She is a former member of the NCTE Executive Committee.

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