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AtoZIn Part 5, we took a look at from S to W. In this post, we will cover X, Y, and Z.

X is for explain.

Almost all of the content published on is submitted from folks in the field.  We ask our authors to consider the audience as a novice teacher or substitute for your class. Therefore the authors spell out each step of the instructional plan with detailed descriptions and in the active voice. When in doubt, the authors fully explain their teaching idea.

Y is for you. could not have had the success we have had since 2002 without the support from YOU – thank you!

Z is for zoo.

Can’t make it to a zoo? Observe animal habits and habitats using one of the many webcams broadcasting from zoos and aquariums around the United States and the world in this inquiry-based activity that focuses on observation logs, class discussion, questioning, and research. Students begin by viewing an animal webcam, making observations, and describing what they see in a notebook or log.

Thanks for sticking with us on this tour of! Please let us know if you have any questions.