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The Night Before the National Day on Writing

Thanks to Lisa Fink for this blog.

It’s the night before the National Day on Writing and maybe you’re still thinking about what you and your students might do to celebrate.

nctechatParticipants in last Sunday’s #NCTEchat offer some ideas that might inspire you.

• Jeanne Bissonnette (@JDB_ISU) thinks it would be fun to do a live tweet like #NCTEchat. Her suggestion would be to roll out the questions one at a time. She also thinks it would be a good idea to have the students generate the questions.
• ShelfieTalk (‏@ShelfieTalk) already shares what “I am currently reading…”. The promise was made to share current writing in the same way.
• Rebecca Owens ‏(@Imbue_MissOwens) shared a great quote from Malcolm Gladwell.
• Jennifer Laffin (@laffinteach) brainstormed and created a list of ways to celebrate the National Day on Writing.
celebrate• UIUCWritersWorkshop (@WorkshopUIUC) likes to use graffiti walls (but only in sanctioned spaces!) as a means of showing writing is revised, dialogic, etc.
• Stefanie Cole (@MsColeQVPS) is planning on showcasing #WhyIWrite authors videos and their books everyday this week.
• Tynea Lewis (@TyneaLewis) encourages folks to write a reflection for #WhyIWrite as “It’s a great way to reignite the passion of writing in yourself.”
• Jen Schwanke (@JenSchwanke) wonders that since we do Read-Ins, could we do a Write-In?
• 90-Second Newbery (@90secondnewbery) suggests writing collaborate list poetry. “It makes writing accessible, fun and engaging!” Read more at
• Vince Puzick (@2HeartedRiver) proposes inviting authors to class.
• Mrs.McLoud (@MrsMcLoudRI) plans to do freewrites outside if the weather permits. “Writing is a treat- present it so!”
iwritebecauseiaminasconstantstateofrevision• Katie Kraushaar (@MsKraushaar) wants to collect #WhyIWrite statements from the entire school! She is thinking about posting butcher paper in lunchroom.
• Karen DiBella (@ksdibella) recommends creating a story based on a page from a wordless picture book. Her suggestion was using Unspoken by Henry Cole.
• ValerieAPerson (@vperson) will be holding a “Writing Palooza” in library during lunches to celebrate the 20th.
• Alan Goodrow (@MrGoodrow) is thinking that a class-combined written story is an activity that he would love to try.
• Peg Grafwallner (@PegGrafwallner) is looking forward to uploading her #WhyIWrite post to her website as well as sharing a lesson plan with teachers and students.

Tomorrow it’s time to celebrate and to share writing, pictures, videos, celebrations to #WhyIWrite. Find out what people are saying about #WhyIWrite here.

• Join author Linda Sue Park (@LindaSuePark) who said, “I write because for me there’s no better way to explore & learn about both the world & myself, at the same time.”