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Is Teaching What You Thought It Would Be?



This year members of the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English interviewed 60 first year teachers about the “extra stuff” they didn’t anticipate they’d need to do as a teacher.


Here’s a short film of what they had to say:  


Teachers noted things like:

  • “I thought I was only going to teach…”

  • “Becoming a teacher is not what they teach you in school”

  • “Whatever lifestyle you thought you’d have as a teacher…” how much of my own personal time outside of work I’d have to sacrifice.

  • Cafeteria duty, bus duty, hall duty, the surprise that your third grade students don’t read at the third-grade level, how many students are on IEPs.

  • “I definitely feel a lot of pressure [because of assessment]”

  • “The test is first and foremost…don’t want to do anything that would take away from the test, that’s not necessary.”

  • “The biggest struggle is always having a positive attitude.”