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What Happened in Your State This December?

capitol buildingThis past month, ten policy analysts published reports about what occurred in California, Connecticut, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, and Virginia.

Higher Education

In New Mexico Colleges and Universities Consider Sanctuary Status for Undocumented Students, Erin O’Neill explored the various positions taken by institutions of higher learning in New Mexico toward their immigrant students.

Dan Melzer shared the CWPA (Council of Writing Program Administrators) Statement on Supporting a Diverse and Inclusive Environment to affirm CWPA’s commitment to diverse students.

Dan also discussed a report linking Developmental Writing and Food and Housing Insecurity in California college students, noting that “socioeconomic disadvantages play a central role in which student populations are tracked into remediation in college writing.”

In Low-Income Students at CT Public Universities and Community Colleges: Some Context, Stephen Ferruci noted similar concerns, stating “Income is a stark indicator of enrollment in and graduation from any post-secondary institution.”

Jalissa Bates reported that Louisiana public scholarship slashes half of its funding for college students.


Daniel Yowell lists questions by elected leadership in Michigan over Senate attempts to push pension reform through lame duck session.

According to Robin Holland, Ohio’s New Graduation Requirements have raised concerns among state superintendents due to the high percentage of students not on track to meet them.

Darlene Dyer reported that in Idaho, a Teacher Evaluation State Review Holds Incomplete, Illegal Data and that corrective action would be taken.

Leila Christenbury published the VATE Response to Virginia Board of Education regarding a proposed amendment relating to “sexually explicit” instructional materials.

Emily Zuccaro discusses the possibility of Charter Schools in Kentucky, “one of seven states that currently do not have any charter schools.”

Ezra Hyland shares Two more grants for Minnesota teachers, one for charter schools and the other a Teachers and Technology grant for PreK-12 private or public schools.