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What Happened in Your State This January?

This past month, ten policy analysts published reports about what occurred in the following states: Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Higher Education

Alaska: Jennifer Stone reported on a faculty vote of no confidence in University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen due to his implementation of the Strategic Pathways.

Idaho: Karen Uehling continued her reporting on Complete College Idaho, Governor C.L. (Butch) Otter’s “ambitious goal that 60% of Idahoans ages 25-34 will have a degree or certificate by 2020.”

Indiana: Katherine Wills shared that “HB 1012 would require public colleges and universities to provide every student with a summary of each semester’s funding expenses.” She questioned whether HB 1024, mandating “schools to create a policy allowing a student to express religious beliefs at any school event,” if passed, would apply to universities.

Louisiana: Clancy Ratliff described the changes to Louisiana’s state scholarship program and the increase in dual enrollment offerings.

New Hampshire: Alexandria Peary noted the closing of Daniel Webster College, a for-profit college owned by ITT Educational Services, Inc.


Idaho: Darlene Dyer gave a synopsis of the legislature’s first week, focusing on PreK-12, the state superintendent, and revenue.

Louisiana: Clancy Ratliff updated her report on the approval of Louisiana Connecters for students with significant disabilities and English language learners.

Maine: Susan Stires reported that Portland Public Schools have instituted a professional development program of teachers teaching their colleagues.

Minnesota: Ezra Hyland shared that Minnesota received a C+ from Quality Counts 2017.

New York: Derek Kulnis provided information about “Pre-K Quality Snapshots” to help parents in New York City choose a pre-K program and noted that New York will spend “1.6 million dollars in order to expand AP to more black and Hispanic students.”

Pennsylvania: Aileen Hower shared a number of articles about the following: