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2017 Annual Convention Blog Recap

It’s hard to believe that NCTE’s Annual Convention happened over a month ago—time flies! This year’s Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, was an amazing meeting of over 7,000 educators, authors, and exhibitors. With over 600 sessions, hundreds of author signings, concurrent luncheons, and more, even if you attended #NCTE17, there’s no way you could have seen and done it all!

It’s a good thing we have wonderful authors and members who have taken the time to share their #NCTE17 experiences through their blogs. We hope you’ll take some time over winter break to look through this (very long!) blog roundup from the 2017 Annual Convention and learn with us once again.

If you’ve published a blog post about #NCTE17 and we missed it, please share it with us on Twitter and we’ll add it to the list!


Start with Love by Amanda Atkins
Love Teach Write

NCTE17: Seeing the unseen, opening the gate and NCTE: Beginning and Ending with our Assets by Julieanne Harmatz
To Read To Write To Be

Slice of NCTE17 by Margaret Simon
Reflections on the Teche

#NCTE17: Celebrate!, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by Fran McVeigh

When Your Thinking is at 85%: Getting the Final 15% or My “Duh” Moments from #NCTE17 by Karlen Shupp

The Edge of Chaos by Stephanie Jalowiec

“What is Right with Education” a found(ish) poem from #NCTE17 by Jim McCaffrey
Reading (R)evolution

Teacher in Wonderland – My First Time at NCTE’s Annual Convention by Jori Krulder
Mrs. Krulder Talks English

We’re at #NCTE!, Fear and Loathing in St. Louis (#NCTE17), The English Teacher Blues, Saturday Morning at #NCTE17 (authenticity) by Jay Stott
“Teachers are Magic, and Magic is Dangerous!” – DJ Older by Tracy Brennan
Best kept secret at NCTE17: poetry and “Don’t Mess with the teachers, dude.” #NCTE17 by Sarah Zerwin
The Paper Graders

The Protagonists of “The First Chapter” Were the Authors at #NCTE17 by Colette M. Bennett
Used Books in Class

My First Chapter: Aligning Our Practices with Our Beliefs by Vicki Vinton
To Make a Prairie

Wonder Wednesday #201 (NCTE17 – Part #ONE) and Wonder Wednesday #201 (NCTE17 – Part #TWO) by Patrick Andrus

Celebrate This Week: NCTE ’17 by Alyson Beecher
Kid Lit Frenzy

What Happens in St. Louis Shouldn’t Stay in St. Louis by Susan Barber
AP Lit Help

Witnessing Growth by Donna Friend
The Usual Chaos

JOIN: Celebrating NCTE 2017 by Jen Vincent
Story Exploratory

Storytellers Presentations from NCTE by Jessica Lifshitz
Crawling Out of the Classroom

What #NCTE17 Offered This Teacher by Paula Bourque
Lit Coach Lady

NCTE Reflections Part One, NCTE Reflections Part Two, and Storifys for many major NCTE events by Dana Huff
Huff English

#NCTE17, More on #NCTE17, and Even More on #NCTE17 by Marqui Keim

NCTE 2017 Highlights and Culturally Responsive Teaching; A Moral Responsibility, A Professional Commitment by Valinda Kimmel

NCTE 2017 by Katherine Sokolowski
Read, Write, Reflect

Becoming More by Darlene Daley
Teaching Tales and LitLove

Learning Experiences from NWP and NCTE Day 1, Inspired by Authors and Technology: Reflections on NCTE Day Two, and Technology, Affinity Spaces, New Literacies, and Female Leadership: Reflections on Days 3 and 4 of NCTE by Margaret Robbins
A Literacy Educator’s Reflections on Teaching, Texts, and Community Building

Mandatory Reflection Time (or the Day after #NCTE17) by Rebekah O’Dell
Bust a (Writing) Move – an NCTE17 Recap
Moving Writers

“I Feel Like I’ve Been to Church”: Day 1 #ncte17, “A Way to Love the World”: Day 2 #ncte17, and “I Wanted To Be Fed as a Teacher”: Day 3 #ncte17 by Elisabeth Ellington
The Dirigible Plum

Reflecting on #NCTE17 by Aileen Hower

Notes from the NCTE 2017 Annual Convention Business Meeting and Notes from the 2017 NCTE Affiliate Breakfast by Audrey Fisch
Notes from ALAN 2017 by Sarah Mulhern Gross
New Jersey Council of Teachers of English blog

Reflections on NCTE by Carla España

NCTE Experience #1: Words of Wisdom from Writers, NCTE Experience #2: Real-Life and Reading in the Classroom, and NCTE Experience #3: Writing All Over the Place by Marry Anne Johnson
Literature and Learning

Teachers, take back your power and create an amazing end to this semester! and Welcoming All Readers to the Table by Lynn Hagen
Blue-Sky Teaching

Reflection – NWPAM17 & NCTE17 by Benjamin K. Woodcock

More than Nothing by Brian Wyzlic
Classroom Communities

NCTE: A First-Timer’s Reflection by Jessica Paxson
#NCTE17 — So Much to Remember, So Much to Do by Amy Rasmussen
#NCTE17 – A Story I’m Thankful For by Lisa Dennis
#NCTE17 – Pearls of Wisdom From Those Far Smarter Than I by Lisa Dennis
Three Teachers Talk

Lesson Plan Ideas: NCTE 2017 and NCTE 2017 Reflection: Speak Your Truth by Pam Lingelbach

Waiting and Writing: An NCTE Memory by Cynthia Alaniz
Librarian in Cute Shoes

Tikkun Olum: Repair the World
Amber Counts

Fact Over Fake: Teaching Students to Navigate the Fake News Landscape #SOL17 by Glenda Funk
Evolving English Teacher

Ricki’s NCTE/ALAN Reflection 2017 by Ricki Ginsberg
Kellee’s NCTE/ALAN Reflection 2017 by Kellee Moye
Unleashing Readers

#NCTE17 Take Aways by Carol Varsalona
Beyond LiteracyLink

My First Book Signing by Colby Sharp

This Choir #NCTE17 by Irene Latham
Live Your Poem

#NCTE17 Musings of a science teacher by April Tidwell

Inverse Operations by Robin Yardi

Recapturing The Love Of Teaching: NCTE17 by Jennifer Wolfe

NCTE Reflections by Beth Crawford
Beth C Tech