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Reading to Recharge This Summer

Many educators spend their summers reading, for personal as well as professional reasons. The following resources from NCTE offer suggestions and possibilities for the reading we do to recharge over the summer break.

In the Language Arts article “Summer Reading: A Reflection,” the author recounts her family’s summer reading, which gave her a chance to talk with her children about books and, ultimately, about life.

In “Ice Cream/I Scream for YA Books” from Voices from the Middle, Don Gallo examines the field of young adult literature, comparing it to ice cream—its various flavors and levels of richness. He also shares that teachers can and will enjoy these texts as much as the students.

How does a teacher’s relationship with literature come into play in the classroom? The article “Teachers Reading/Readers Teaching: Five Teachers’ Personal Approaches to Literature and Their Teaching of Literature from Research in the Teaching of English shares an investigation into the relationships between five junior high school teachers’ personal approaches to literature and their teaching of literature.

What Work of Adult Fiction or Nonfiction Do You Recommend to Other Teachers for Summer Reading?” from English Journal shares text suggestions from many teachers. Most of the suggestions are timeless. Fran Claggett also shares a “List of Recommended Reading for Educators.

Several annual summer reading lists have been published in the “TYCA to You” column in Teaching English in the Two-Year College, spanning a wide range of interests: “From the mysteries of the classroom to the mysteries of classic gumshoes and undeciphered ancient writing . . . “

As former editor Louann Reid said in one of her issues of English Journal, “the mood we wanted to convey with this summer issue — a sense of joy, energy, and possibility.”

See also “Renewing and Reinvigorating Literacy Practices” from Voices from the Middle for more professional reading for middle level educators.

Enjoy your summer!